Sunday, January 1, 2017

Manga style characters from my fantasy novel

Here are some characters you may know if you've read my fantasy serial...

I've been having a lot of fun drawing these characters in Manga style in my new illustration software, Clip Studio Paint. I'm thinking about making a graphic novel with these characters once I've created some detailed character sheets.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some Övrigmark Art

Here's a picture of the castle at Kungensmark that I created using a technique similar to cutting and arranging construction paper to form shapes and objects. It's all digital of course, but it was pretty time, but time consuming.

I think I'm going to try and make a few more that depict major scenes from Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark.

The whole process has inspired me to get back to work on rewriting the serial so that I can turn it into a novel. I have plans for a completely new ending. Actually the last quarter of the story will be almost entirely new.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the castle. I think I'm going to work on a scene featuring Astrid next.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I don't usually like prologues, but I felt I needed a brief one for The Eyes of Arcadia. Here's the first draft...

Earth, the Seventh Colony.
Before recorded time.

The silver ship dropped from orbit and descended through the little blue planet’s atmosphere. A sequence of instructions, loaded into the onboard computer centuries before, triggered one after the other in conjunction with live readings from the surface. While the first of the seven inhabitants stirred in her pod at the simulated light of predawn, the computer switched to audible alert mode, speaking her first ethereal words aloud since their departure from Arcadia.

Landing site acquired and locked in. Adjusting thermals. Reverse thrust in three…two…one. Surface oxygen levels in target range, depressurizing cabin, filtering in outside air. 

Lowering landing gear, prepare for touchdown in three…two…one.

The ship set down on a rocky plateau near the tallest peak it could detect on its initial scan of the planet. Levelers adjusted the vessel and anchored it to the mountain as the first of the seven slid out of her sleep chamber.

Ona’s legs felt as though they belonged to someone else as she put one foot after the other on the cool surface of the ship’s deck. She steadied herself as she scanned the other crew pods.

“Computer?” Her voice sounded alien to her.

Yes? The ethereal voice responded.

“Why are the others not awake?”


A door at the far end of the crew cabin swished open. Ona watched as lights flickered on illuminating the chamber beyond.

Please proceed to the aft cabin for further briefing.

Her legs tingled with each step, but she felt the strength returning to her. The door swished closed behind her just after she stepped into the chamber. Seven sarcophagi stood in an array around a pedestal that held what she knew to be one of the Great Books of Power.

“Why is the Eye not in the Book?”

A hiss of air announced the opening of a panel in the ceiling above the book. A crystal orb drifted down from the opening held only by a delicate beam of feathery blue light. The orb stopped just above the docking cradle inside the Great Book of Power.

Ona stepped closer to the orb, suppressing her desire to touch it. Faint blue lights pulsed just below the surface.

The computer startled her. Directive override by order of the Arcadian High Council. Commander, identify yourself.

“I don’t understand.” She stepped closer to the Eye, staring into its depths. “Am I not to await the others for initiation and attunement?”

Negative. Directive override. Please identify yourself for override commencement.

“You know who I am. I am Commander Ona, Sixth of Seven, appointed delegate of the Seven Councils and loyal servant to the Order.”

The light inside the orb grew brighter. Place your hand on the Eye for override initiation.

Something inside her responded to the command before she could give it a second thought. She placed her outstretched palm on the cool, glassy surface. The connection was visceral, immediate. Synapses within her fired, awakening a chain of energy that sought out and found electrical connections to the crystal orb.

Dormant places in her mind came to life as though the orb merely turned on the lights in a room so she could see all that was contained within.

The computer, or was it the Eye, spoke inside her mind.

Sixth of Seven, failsafe override Innova activated. Sequencing roles…sixth may override first should directive Colony not succeed.

“I do not understand. Am I to override the First?” 

Only if the First deviates from mission protocols. Commander Ona, you are authorized by the High Council to take appropriate action in such an instance.

“But the First is the Binder of the Great Book of Power. I am only the Sixth.”

Negative. Override protocol has resequenced roles. You will receive attunement before the others.

The orb held her hand tightly to its surface. She couldn’t pull away from it even if she wanted to, and she did not want to. A primal energy surged through her, lighting wildfires behind her eyes as it scribed the words of the Great Book of Power across her being. The Eye of Jupiter, for it was so named, revealed to her the intricacies of the universe, the higher plan, and the possible treachery of her compatriots. After what seemed to her like the blink of an eye and an eternity all at once, the Eye released her.

Take your place, Ona, Sixth of Seven and Binder of the Great Book of Power. 

Ona stepped into the sixth sarcophagus and folded her arms across her chest.

You are not authorized to disseminate information about sequencing or override Innova to any of the others. Understood? 

Ona nodded. “I understand.”

Very good. I will awake the others for final attunement.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Reimagined Covers

I've finally gotten back into writing and working on the follow up to The Sixth Seal, tentatively named The Eyes of Arcadia. I decided to reimagine the cover for The Sixth Seal so that all of the covers in the series will have a consistent theme.

I've also decided to pull the print version of the first book for now so that I can reformat the interior and add a new wrap around cover. I'll probably hold off on print versions of the books until I get them all written. The print version of The Sixth Seal wasn't really selling well anyway.

Despite the fact that I absolutely love JukePop Serials and all they've done for me and other fledgling writers, I've decided to ask them to remove the serial version of The Sixth Seal from their site. Unfortunately thats the only way I can enroll the novel version in Amazon's KDP Select and the Kindle Unlimited program. I think that would help to give the book some visibility, and it will really be beneficial when I finish the other books in the series.

Anyway, here are my concepts for the reimagined covers. Let me know what you think.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Come In

As I came to the edge of the woods, 
Thrush music -- hark! 
Now if it was dusk outside, 
Inside it was dark. 

Too dark in the woods for a bird 
By sleight of wing 
To better its perch for the night, 
Though it still could sing. 

The last of the light of the sun 
That had died in the west 
Still lived for one song more 
In a thrush's breast. 

Far in the pillared dark 
Thrush music went -- 
Almost like a call to come in 
To the dark and lament. 

But no, I was out for stars; 
I would not come in. 
I meant not even if asked; 
And I hadn't been. 

Robert Frost

Sunday, May 31, 2015

A fond farewell

Despite my endless talent for missing deadlines, I wrapped up the final chapters of Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark and posted them to JukePop. It was with a mix of exhilaration and apprehension that I wrote the conclusion to the story. The last few chapters were amazingly fun to write, but I was also reticent to type 'The End.' I've been writing this story off and on for more than a few years now, and I've grown quite fond of the characters. Of course, if you read the ending, you'll notice that I left a rather large hint about the next book in the series. In fact, I actually told you the name of the next book in the series, and no, I'm not going to tell you the title here. You'll just have to pop over to JukePop and see for yourself.

Now that the first story is complete, I'll be going back and rereading it in its entirety to see where I can strengthen the work. The thing about writing serials is that you often start in one place with the mind of going in a certain direction, and then by some happy accident, you end up in another place altogether. I'm sure there are a few loose threads that I didn't completely tie up, and now that I've seen the characters through a range of mishaps and setbacks I've learned a lot about their actual character. In addition to that, I have some great ideas for the second story that I'd like to get down before I move onto my next project. Yes, I'll be saying a fond farewell to the wondrous land of Övrigmark for a time while I concentrate on the follow up to The Sixth Seal, but rest assured I'll come back to her in due time.

Övrigmark holds a special place in my heart. I first began writing it as a gift to my sister after the loss of our grandfather. And even though there is always a disclaimer at the beginning of fiction novels, many of the characters are based on actual people. Alexander was meant to be a reflection of a much younger me, and Hanna is, of course, my sister. Uncle Charles is none other than our grandfather Charles, and Princess Anna is based on our mother. I wrote the character of Isabella with our grandmother Ginny in mind, and Astrid, the wise and powerful unicorn, is an homage to my dear aunt Maggie, who left this world too soon. Unfortunately I'm such a dreadfully slow writer that I was never able to hand my sister a completed work in a timely fashion. The terrible grief of his passing has given way to melancholy and fond remembrances, but I'll always remember the story as an old friend who helped me get through the difficult times. Hopefully my intentions will bring a smile to her face when she reads the dedication I'll be adding to the final print version. Maybe I'll even finish it before Christmas, but you know me and deadlines.

I wanted to do something special to mark the completion of the serial version of the story, so I made a new cover that I think better captures the spirit of the story. I imagine the print version will look a bit different, but Astrid will still feature prominently on the cover. Anyway, here it is in all of its shiny glory. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, and if you haven't read the story because you were waiting for me to finish it, there's no time like the present to get started.