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A very real fictional land

This is a map I created for a fantasy novel that I'm currently writing. Having a map helps me keep all of the important places in my story world straight in relation to each other. Plus I just love to make maps :) I made this one using ArcGIS Standard. It's kind of overpowered for such a whimsical endeavor, but it sure makes quick work of it. This map only took me a couple of hours to create after I sketched up the rough draft.


I haven't been good. I haven't been bad. I just haven't been. I hope to do something about that this year.

A little joy to start off the new year

This blog is definitely living up to its name. It was kind of a rough holiday with the passing of my stepfather, but the rest of my family and the little bundle of joy below got me through it. Here's to a much better year!