A sample cover

Here's a cover mock-up that I did for the fantasy novel that I'm working on. I'm not even done with three chapters yet, and I'm already designing the cover :) I guess it keeps me motivated, or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

In case you're interested, I created this in Paint.net with a couple of free photographs. I just applied some simple effects and added the text. I used layers and masks to allow the mountain pic to be seen through the arch. I'm happy with it for a half hour job, but I'll probably spend more time on the final version.

The image is 600 x 800 pixels so that it will fit nicely on a Kindle screen. My goal is to publish this book through Amazon. I'm going to upload the cover to my Kindle tonight to see how it looks. I'm such a geek :)

Mock-up cover for my work in progress.

Maybe if I look at this every morning it will keep me focused, and I'll actually get this book done before I'm fifty. A guy can always dream anyway :)


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