One of the greatest benefits of my membership to Writer's Village University is the chance to meet and interact with so many talented writers. I've learned so much in the short time that I've been a member and I continue to learn everyday. What makes the writer's journey particularly rewarding is to see a fellow writer succeed and publish their work. It gives hope to the rest of us who long for the day that readers will be holding a copy of our novel. So it is with much enthusiasm that I'm recommending a wonderful new book, Circles, by one of WVU's very own, Ruby StandingDeer.

I've only read the sample so far, but the story world is so magical, and the laguage is so evocative, that I will be purchasing and reading Circles as soon as I finish this post. I'll be sure to post a review here after I've finished reading, but I would encourage you to go ahead and buy it now. At the time of this writing it is only $4.99 on Amazon and available to Amazon Prime members for free.

In my opinion $4.99 is insanely cheap for that much entertainment. Think about how much you pay to go see some over-hyped movie that's over in less than two hours. You can't even get a drink at a movie theatre for $4.99 these days. Plus, books are always better than movies because you get to use your imagination :)


  1. Disclosure: I'm Ruby's editor and publisher.

    I hope you won't let that dissuade you because, frankly, the reason I wanted this book was because of its extraordinary characters and culture.

    I absolutely love some of these characters. You will too.

  2. I agree- Circles is an intriguing trip into the past, so well written and moving... You won't regret buying this book.
    And you know that zing of pride you get when you say you know someone important or famous? I get that when I think about Ruby!

  3. I read this book and loved it. Compelling characters and beautiful prose, this story stole my heart. I'm sure you will enjoy ti!


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