A new cover

A new sample cover that I made for my work in progress, Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark. I made it in about an hour using three stock photos that I purchased from Bigstockphoto. The smallest, and cheapest as luck would have it, file sizes work best for book covers. The photos I used were $2.99 each, so my cover cost me just under $9.00. I used Pixelmator to put it all together, but you could just as easily do it in a free program like Paint.net or Gimp.

Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark - A thirteen-year-old boy steps through a mysterious arch and into a magical world to find his sister.

By the way, Brann is my middle name. It just fits on the cover better than my last name :)


  1. Josh,
    I love your art work. This makes a beautiful book cover. Oh, you are so talented. Yes you are, my friend. Good job! Marli


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