A thrilling book cover

As you can probably surmise from previous posts, I've been having quite a bit of fun creating book covers. The nice thing is, I've also been learning quite a bit in the process, such as, how to better use the tools available in my graphics program, what works best as far as layout is concerned, and where to find really great images.

Before I tell you about the cover I've posted here, I just wanted to say a word about the images I used. I purchased them from Bigstockphoto.com. I do this for several reasons. First, I like having a large database of high-quality, searchable images to choose from (their search features are excellent by the way). Second, the price is right. For book covers, you don't really need anything better than their smallest images sizes, which as luck would have it, are also the cheapest. Third, their standard usage agreement specifically mentions that you are free to use images from their site on book covers. That's a pretty big deal because it covers you legally and keeps you from doing the leg work. If you download an image of someone and use it, you're really supposed to get a model release. It's basically just written permission from the subject of the photo. Bigstockphoto takes care of the licensing issues themselves. Now if you're going to use images from their site for things like T-Shirts, mugs, or the like, you'll need to purchase an extended usage agreement. Lucky for us, book covers fall in the standard usage agreement category.

Okay, enough of the technical drivel. The star of this post is a new cover that I made for a very talented author in my writing group over at Writer's Village University. I've been fortunate enough to be a part of the group that gets to beta read and critique her chapters. It's a truly fantastic read, and I think you're going to see it available for purchase in the near future. She's written a very taught thriller, that in my humble opinion, can stand toe to toe with the big names in the genre. So here it is...

I had a great time making this one. It uses three images and is made up of about five effects and thirteen layers. I created it in Pixelmator, which is kind of similar to Photoshop Elements.

Once you learn your tool of choice, it's pretty amazing what you can create with stock photography and a few nice fonts.


  1. Josh,
    I love it. It's beautiful. Thank you so much!

    Marli :)


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