Writing on the go

Story ideas and inspiration never wait for you to be conveniently poised in front of your computer ( or typewriter if you're real old school ). That's why I love nifty little utilities that allow me to jot down all of those golden nuggets no matter where I am. More specifically, that's why I love Write 2.

In case you haven't been reading my blog ( shame on you ), I'll let you know that I just bought a new iPod touch. I bought it mainly for listening to music while at work, but another use occurred to me, mobile note-taker. Of course I still like to write in my Moleskine, but in all honesty, my notes are more likely to make it into my main word processor if they are already in digital format. That's where Write 2 comes in.

Write 2 allows me to take notes in a user-friendly, and attractive I might add, environment. Then I can synch to my Dropbox account and upload my file. I can even pull down and edit files from Dropbox. If you're not a Dropbox fan, you can also export and email the files in a variety of formats, including PDF.

Write 2 has some other nice features as well. It allows you to create folders and sub folders, and to search within files. You can even change the look of the interface and 'paper' using some very picturesque themes. Write 2 also has some useful auto text and security features that I may review after I've had a little more time with the app.

So far, I'm thoroughly impressed with this little gem, especially for an app with a price tag of less than three dollars. I even typed the bulk of this post using it.


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