Ahoy, matey!

That's pirate for hello. It's also my pathetic attempt at a segue into this week's post. I know this is going to come as a big surprise, but I designed a book cover for another of my very talented writing friends over in Hemingway Hall.

The book is a swashbucklingly (Is that even a word? It is today!) good pirate story with a not so typical main character, Captain Kate. She's an adventurous lass that sets sail on the high seas, guiding her rag-tag band of pirates on many an adventure. Dennis...er...I mean Cap'n Duffy is a masterful writer who really knows how to lay down a good tale. I'm sure we'll be seeing this one on bookstore shelves in the near future. (Probably quicker than you can shake your cutlass at a hornswagglin' landlubber.)

Ahoy, mateys!
Here's to you, Captain Kate! Yo Ho Ho! (and a bottle of root beer...it is a children's story after all.)


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