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A song for mom

I was just thinking of my mother this morning and how much I love her, when an old song popped into my head. I have fond memories of listening to this tune with my mom. Sun roof open on the midnight blue, Honda prelude, a little Paulie on the tape deck, and miles of open road. I think we wore that tape out mom :)

Teddy Boy - Paul McCartney

This Is A Story of A Boy Named Ted 
If His Mother Said Ted Be Good, He Would 
She Told Him Ted About His Soldier Dad 
Then It Made Her Cry, Oh My 
Ted Used To Tell Her 
He Could Be Twice As Good 
And He New He Could 
Cause In His Head He Said 

Mommy Don't Worry Now Teddy Boy's Here 
Taking Good Care of You 
Mommy Don't Worry Teddy Boy's Here 
Teddy's Gonna See You Through 

Then Came The Day She Found Herself A Man 
Teddy Turned and Ran 
Far Away 

He Couldn't Stand To See His Mother In Love 
With Another Man 
He Didn't Know 
Oh No 

He Found A Place Where He Could Settle Down 
And From Time to Time 
In His Head, He Said 

Mommy Don't Worry N…

The more things change...

Wow! Looks like my grandparents' generation was a bit friskier than I ever gave them credit for. Check out this nifty vintage label art that I got from Dover. They make all kinds of royalty free clip art books that come with compact discs. It's my new addiction. I've bought nine of these things. Lucky for me they're relatively cheap :)

Just so you don't think I'm some sort of ne'er-do-well or depraved individual, here are some less spicy varieties for your viewing pleasure.

Didn't want you to think I was just looking at pin-up girls all day. Heaven forbid :)

An interesting commute

My wife and I commute to work every morning. We have about a forty-five minute drive, so she often reads little news snippets to me from her iPhone to keep me awake. This morning she informed me that it is International Sauntering Day. So here's how that conversation went:

Dorothy - Hey did you know it's International Sauntering Day?

Me - No. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Dorothy - I'm going to saunter through the office today (mimes the act of sauntering through the office) and see if anyone notices.

Me - Why don't you sashay while you're at it?

Dorothy - Absolutely not. Sauntering only. (mock serious face)

Me - So I guess lollygagging is completely out of the question? (smiles playfully)

Dorothy - Indeed.

Sometimes a morning commute is a good thing :)

Ray Bradbury

1920-2012. He made science fiction a respectable genre.

"I don't believe in being serious about anything. Life is too serious to be taken seriously." - Ray Bradbury.
We'll miss you, Mr. Bradbury.

Opportunity for nonfiction authors

I rarely post anything interesting on Twitter, so it always comes as a surprise when someone follows me. Of course, I think they are following me due to the types of people and sites that I follow, rather than my less than staggering amount of twitter posts. But that's beside the point. What I wanted to post was this interesting opportunity that I found when this nonfiction ebook publisher began following me. Here's a brief snippet from their site:

Collca is an electronic publisher specialising in bite-size ebooks and apps for the Apple iOS devices - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
It looks like they are trying to branch out into more subject areas and onto more devices. So this may be a great opportunity for nonfiction writers to get their work out there. Collca's bite-size books range from 12,500 to 17,500 words and are aimed at the general public rather than experts. I've never heard of them before, but their terms look interesting, so it might be worthwhile to check th…

Good novel writing advice

Here's some really sound novel writing advice from a veteran author, Crawford Kilian. I think most of this document comes from his book, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. The content probably isn't anything earth shattering that you haven't heard before, but Kilian delivers it succinctly and covers a wide array of topics. You'll get everything from plotting, to manuscript formatting, and even some general guidelines on writing a synopsis. And as I always say, you can't beat free :)

A bit of fortune cookie wisdom

Character is much easier kept than recovered.