An interesting commute

My wife and I commute to work every morning. We have about a forty-five minute drive, so she often reads little news snippets to me from her iPhone to keep me awake. This morning she informed me that it is International Sauntering Day. So here's how that conversation went:

Dorothy - Hey did you know it's International Sauntering Day?

Me - No. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Dorothy - I'm going to saunter through the office today (mimes the act of sauntering through the office) and see if anyone notices.

Me - Why don't you sashay while you're at it?

Dorothy - Absolutely not. Sauntering only. (mock serious face)

Me - So I guess lollygagging is completely out of the question? (smiles playfully)

Dorothy - Indeed.

Sometimes a morning commute is a good thing :)


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