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Princess Anna of Övrigmark

Princess Anna
Duchess of Pärlastad
Siren of the Safir Sea

All these names
One and three
The very same you see

Keeper of the light
Mistress of the sea
Return to the land and to me

Out of chaos, comes order...I hope

In case you're wondering why I haven't been posting much lately, this is the reason. I'm having all of the floors in my house replaced. The pictures below are of the kitchen and dining room after the contractor pulled up the old linoleum squares and the horrid carpeting.

Both of these rooms should be completely tiled and grouted by next Tuesday if all goes according to schedule. My contractor, Tim, seems to be making quick work of it, so I think we're going to stay right on track.
By the time he's finished, the kitchen, dining room and both bathrooms will have new ceramic tile, and the rest of the house will have oak laminate flooring. It's going to look like a new house. In the meantime, it's going to look like a war zone. Hence the blog post title :)