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Happy Birthday, Mom!

This one's for ewe :)

Pixelmator 2.1

I just upgraded from Pixelmator 1.6 to version 2.1 Cherry. I can't believe how far this software has come since I first started using it a few years ago. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, Pixelmator is like a scaled down version of PhotoShop for the Mac. Only with this new update, it's just about as versatile as Photoshop for a fraction of the cost. I bought version 2.1 for just $14.99 on the Mac App store, and that wasn't even an upgrade price. Compare that with PS CS6 which runs around $600.00. Even Adobe's light version of PhotoShop, Elements, is $99.00.

I know that Photoshop does quite a bit more, but what it does that Pixelmator doesn't do, I don't need. Take a look at another sample cover that I created in the new version in a matter of minutes.

I think I'm really going to have fun with this new release :)

Finally starting to come together

My floors are completely done, and now all I have left is the trim. I've completed all of the entry, office, living room, and hallway. Just have the bedrooms to finish.

Here are some photos of the results. The quality isn't that good since I took them with my phone. I'll try to snap some shots with the good camera later.

Hopefully I'll have more time for writing soon :)

Another writing friend is published

Another one of my good writing friends has published her novel,  Journey To Rome: Hadrian and Reisha-Book One. It's a beautiful and engaging read, and once again, I had the privilege of designing the cover. Go pick up a copy at Smashwords. You won't be disappointed.

Something for my writing friends

Some snarky and humorous words of "wisdom" that my writing friends will get a kick out of. Of course, even if you don't write, now you're just dying to click the link. Go ahead. Click it. I won't tell.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do

A friend is published

A good friend from my writing group has recently published her novel, Dangerous Presence. I had the privilege of getting to read many of the chapters before it was finished, and I also got to design the cover. It's a fantastic book, and I must admit it has been pretty neat seeing the cover I designed in the Amazon Kindle store. Do yourself a favor, and go buy a copy. If you like mysteries and thrillers, you won't be disappointed.

I'm a Kindle owner, so I bought my copy from Amazon, but it's also available from Smashwords and Apple I believe.