JukePop Serials is Live!

You heard right, JukePop Serials is live. You can tell I'm excited because that's the first time I've used an exclamation mark in a blog title. In fact, I think it might be the first time I used any punctuation at all in a blog title.

Seriously though, do yourself a huge favor and go setup a free account at JukePop so you can start reading the awesome stories. I have put quite a few in my bookshelf, but one of the first that I read, and highly recommend, is Larry the Horrible Time Traveler by Andrew Coltrin. It's amazingly brilliant and hilarious. It reminds me of the sort of thing that Douglas Adams would write if he were still alive, and if he had the itch to write a time travelling story of epic proportions.

Anyway, there are currently 112 serials available across a wide range of genres, so there should be something for everyone. I've got to go now...so many stories to add to my shelf :)


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