My most productive writing sessions

I seem to have my most productive writing sessions late in the evening while listening to music. I think the music helps me to write the scenes with a cinematic quality. It's as though the energy of the music forces me to push the story forward, never allowing me to tarry too long in one place. I imagine once I get past the first draft and start revisions, I'll probably need to concentrate on the words more and the music less. For now at least, it's working for me.

I managed to get down another 1,500 words while listening to my new favorite musical muse, Two Door Cinema Club. I found them on Spotify, which is becoming my new favorite way to discover music. I like it so much, that I signed up for the premium service. The higher quality streaming alone is worth the price of admission. I'm probably not telling you anything new though. It seems like all of my friends are already using Spotify, and I was a little late to the party. Oh well, better late than never. Right? :)


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