Royalty free clipart

As you know if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, I enjoy creating cover art. I generally use royalty free stock photos from Big Stock Photos, but recently I found another great source of royalty free images, Dover Pictura. I've bought their clipart books with cd's before, but now they have an online store where you can purchase an image sheet or an entire collection. They're very reasonable, and you can use them royalty free in all of your graphic creations. Of course, their vector images are the best, and as a result more expensive, but I've managed to do quite a bit with their bitmapped offerings as well. Here's an image that I modified to use as an illustration for my work in progress.

The original is a 600 dpi jpeg.

Then I masked out some areas using Pixelmator, and applied some patches of color.

The result is this colorized version which was created by using a color dodge effect. Basically the original image was blended with my color mask to create what you see below.

From the image above, I created this one with a gloom effect.

This X-Ray version was created with an effect in Pixelmator on the original image. This one might be good for a mystery or a thriller.

There are thousands of wonderful images available at Dover, and with a little imagination the possibilities are endless :)


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