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JukePop December Rankings

Thanks to all of my wonderful readers, The Sixth Seal is currently ranked at #18 at JukePop Serials. I want to say how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I will do my best to keep delivering an entertaining reading experience for you each week. I have roughly thirty chapters planned and we are only at eleven currently, so there's much more adventure to come.

Remember, you can vote for each chapter, and you can also leave comments on the site as well as on Twitter using the button at the bottom of each chapter. I welcome any and all comments, and even though the story is mostly plotted, you can leave me suggestions for the kinds of things you'd like to see in future chapters. I'm also working on a second book tentatively titled, Alpha and Omega, and I will probably be posting samples of that work here when book one is nearly complete.

For all of you who have been reading along week to week and helping to lift The Sixth Seal in the rankings, I plan on offering you …

Ana Eloise


Trust your reader

Don't overwrite, instead, build a framework for your reader's imagination.

Chapter ten excerpt

The Sixth Seal, Chapter Ten...

“Where are we going, Lee?” Lee didn’t answer. Instead he pushed her to the ground and dove to his right. Ana looked up just in time to see Lee unload the last four rounds from his gun into a man stepping out from behind the SUV. “Stay down.” Lee rose slowly, then approached the fallen man. Ana could see deep red splotches appearing on the man’s back, absorbing into his shirt and fanning out like ripples in a pond.

Stay tuned for this exciting chapter coming this Saturday. In the meantime, you can get caught up with chapters one through nine. Don't forget to give it a +vote if you like it.

Chapter 9, Sanctuary, is live

Chapter 9 of The Sixth Seal is live on JukePop Serials. Hannah seeks her contact in the French Resistance, but will she find him before her secret is discovered? Read and find out, and remember to give it a +vote if you like it.

Thanks to your generous support, The Sixth Seal is in the top thirty at JukePop :) I'm currently hanging in at 29th place, but I'd love to climb a few more positions so I can keep my JP 30 ribbon :)

Chapter eight is live

Chapter eight of The Sixth Seal is live on JukePop. This one is definitely a nail biter. There's a car chase, some gunfire and even a little blood. So fasten your seat-belts and get ready for a ride. :)

Remember to give it a +vote if you like it. I really appreciate everyone's support.

The Sixth Seal