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Checking in

I know my blog posts have been a little sparse of late, but I've been fairly preoccupied with The Sixth Seal and a few other writing projects. In addition to that, my employer acquired several new assets, which have kept our department waist deep, so to speak. And as if all of that wasn't enough, I decided to take some night classes. I know...I'm certifiable. But this is mainly a blog about writing, so enough with the excuses.

Even though I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy kind of guy, I've just recently started listening to podcasts. I'll pause whilst you gasp and look down your nose in utter disbelief. All done? Good, I'll continue. So, I just got into listening to podcasts, and since I fancy myself a writer, albeit a novice, I decided to look for podcasts on writing. I know, novel concept. Pun intended by the way. I'll wait until you get the joke...what's that? You already got it, but you didn't find it the least bit funny. Very well, I'll…

A nice review

The Sixth Seal has been a really rewarding experience for me. Not because it makes me loads of money (it doesn't, in case you were wondering), but because readers are discovering it and actually enjoying the story. That is thanks in large part to the wonderful team at JukePop serials and fellow writers and readers like John Hook. John is the author of the Quentin Case novels, which I highly recommend, and a fellow fan of the Alphasmart NEO.

Check out this nice review of JukePop and The Sixth Seal at his website, Hook Stories.

While I write largely for myself, because we should all write the story we want to read if we can't find it on the shelf, it's nice to know that others are enjoying it.