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I know my blog posts have been a little sparse of late, but I've been fairly preoccupied with The Sixth Seal and a few other writing projects. In addition to that, my employer acquired several new assets, which have kept our department waist deep, so to speak. And as if all of that wasn't enough, I decided to take some night classes. I know...I'm certifiable. But this is mainly a blog about writing, so enough with the excuses.

Even though I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy kind of guy, I've just recently started listening to podcasts. I'll pause whilst you gasp and look down your nose in utter disbelief. All done? Good, I'll continue. So, I just got into listening to podcasts, and since I fancy myself a writer, albeit a novice, I decided to look for podcasts on writing. I know, novel concept. Pun intended by the way. I'll wait until you get the joke...what's that? You already got it, but you didn't find it the least bit funny. Very well, I'll continue.

Anyway, like I said, I've been listening to writing podcasts. One of my favorites is The Dead Robot's Society. Their tagline is by aspiring writers, for aspiring writers. It's quite an irreverent show put on by some very funny, albeit sometimes vulgar, writers. They are currently up to episode 260, so I have quite a bit of archived material to listen to while they are creating new episodes. It looks like they air a new episode every week, and the topics range from craft to publishing and sometimes to book reviews. They also have guests on the show from time to time.

The show is hosted by Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon and Paul Elard Cooley. The thing I like about these guys is that they have great chemistry and they don't talk down to the audience. In fact, they open up quite a bit and share a lot about their own personal trials and tribulations in publishing. They've all had a degree of success, but they are still learning and sharing their experiences. I think that's what really draws me to them. I could see myself hanging out with these guys and talking shop. Not that I have a lot of shop to talk about yet, but that's beside the point and I'll thank you kindly not to bring it up again :)

So, I'll stop rambling now and let you check it out for yourself. With 260 episodes available, you're bound to find one you like.

Do you have a particular writing podcast you enjoy? If so, I'd love to hear about it. Just post a comment here, or drop me a line at

Happy listening!


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