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A good cause

Red, White & Blue Pages The Red, White & Blue AwardsDo you know a military spouse who wants to start a business? Do you know a veteran who already owns a business, but wants to grow? What about a military spouse or veteran run business or organization that makes giving back part of how they do business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have to check out the Red, White, and Blue Awards. TheRed, White, & Blue Awardswere created to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of businesses run by veterans and military spouses.  As a part of our continuing mission, we want to help promote these businesses; not only within the military community, but also in the local communities these businesses help to support. The Awards In this, our inaugural year, our goal is to award six business grants – 3 to Military Spouses and 3 to Veterans – ranging from $500 to $1000. We will be awarding two of each of the six grants in three categories: Shiny Penny Award - $50…

Paper Dragons

Here's a teaser for my fantasy-noir story, Paper Dragons. My family will recognize the name of the main character. It's going to be a tribute to my grandfather, Charles Anderson. I thought it was appropriate since this story will eventually appear in an anthology to benefit military families. Plus, it's set in 1930s Los Angeles and features some of the stuff my old Grandpa Chuck loved.

The name’s Boyd, Charles Boyd, friends call me Chuck. Not many people call me Chuck, but who wants to hear a sob story? No one, that’s who, and besides I have enough people to worry about just looking after myself. In my line of work, friends are a distraction. Tracking dragons is a tricky business, one where distractions can get you killed.