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A nifty little app

I happened across this nifty little app called Wordify while I was browsing the Mac App Store today. Yes, that's what nerds do for fun, so quit rolling your eyes. Anyway, for a three dollar app, it's loads of fun and pretty easy to use. It doesn't always output what you'd expect, but sometimes that's part of its appeal.

Here are a few samples I created...

The next couple of samples use Wordify's built in templates...

All in all, I really like Wordify, especially considering its price and how easy it is to use. I think you can tell from my samples that it does a better job with simple graphics. However, if you picked a photo with some very good contrast, Wordify could probably deliver some interesting results.

Unfortunately, Wordify is only available for the Mac, but I'm sure there's a PC alternative available somewhere on the great wide interwebs :) I've seen this effect done by less graphically challenged people than myself in Photoshop, but for th…

What lies beyond the gates of Övrigmark?

Step through the gate and follow Alexander on a magical journey...

Just for the record

My mom is awesome :)

Love you, Mom!


Who are we to judge?
Who are we to say?
When we get it wrong
Day after day after day

Is this the last straw?
Will this divide us?
I'll send out this quiet refrain
So that we might stay united

We can barely understand ourselves
Yet we think we have everything sorted
Try looking through the eyes of a child
And surely we'll all be rewarded

Who are we to judge?
Who are we to say?
I'll send out this quiet refrain
Day after day after day