Writing update, The Sixth Seal and more

Book two of the Protectors trilogy is coming along nicely. I'm extremely excited about the story, and I hope fans of The Sixth Seal will enjoy it as much as I do.

The book starts right where the first left off with Ana and Frederick on a strange new world. But Ana's plan to discover her roots and find help for Earth are quickly dashed when her father realizes that they've just stepped into a trap and played right into the hands of an enemy larger and more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

Like The Sixth Seal, Ana Unbound will be told from multiple viewpoints in different times, and in this case, on different planets. For those of you who read the serial in its entirety, you may recognize the young ship mate from the Sea Dragon, Kang. So if you were wondering what actually happened to Kang when he jumped on his master's horse and charged overboard with the book of power, this book will answer that question.

This book will also delve into the history of the books of power and their creators. Of course, like any book worth its salt, it will raise more questions. But don't worry, book three will tie it all up nicely :)

If you still haven't read The Sixth Seal, it's still available to read for free at JukePop Serials. And if you're more of a YA fan, you can read my other serial here. And as always, your +votes on each chapter are appreciated.

Also, I've given the completed manuscript of The Sixth Seal to my editor. When I get her notes back, I'll begin working on the revisions. I'm confident that when I'm finished it'll be a stronger and more cohesive work.

The nice part is that it will be available in eBook and paperback for readers who don't particularly care for the serial format. I've noticed now that the Sixth Seal is complete at JukePop, it's picked up quite a few more readers. I'm certain those are readers who don't want to invest their time until they're certain the story will be completed.


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