The House of Andersvärd

Here are a couple of "trumps" I created for Alexander and Hanna of the House of Andersvärd. If you've ever read the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny, then you know where I got my inspiration.

I don't plan on incorporating trumps into the world of Övrigmark, at least not in the same fashion as Zelazny did, but I do like the idea of the royal family being depicted on tarot-like cards. I'm thinking the cards might be a sort of magical device whereby the holder can place a card on one of the maps like the children possess, and then ascertain their whereabouts. Kind of like a magical GPS of sorts.

This is the sort of thing I do when I should be writing :)

Okay, okay. I'll get back to writing now. Maybe just one more trump before I start...just kidding :)


  1. These are great. I always thought the trumps were a brilliant idea for the royal house of Amber!


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