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A random story

Here’s a little story I wrote for a writing prompt that I posted to my classroom over at F2K. The prompt was called ten twisted tales. Basically I gave the class ten randomly generated story ideas and let them run with it. The only rule is they had to keep their stories at or below 500 words.
Here was the random story starter I chose… A dictator and a kleptomaniac hippy try to pick up dates at the movies.
And here is the result…
An Unlikely Pair...or Stan and Harry go to the Movies. (WC 500)
An unlikely pair shuffled up to the box office window, a hippy named Harry with a penchant for partaking of things that didn't belong to him, and the former dictator of an ex-Soviet era eastern European country. Harry called him Stan, but his given name was Stanislav Vladimir Yormenensky III. 
Actually, it would be more accurate to say Harry shuffled, while Stan stepped stiffly toward the bored teen behind the counter.
She raised a pierced eyebrow. "Movie?"
Harry stroked his scraggly goatee.…

Interesting, very interesting

My mother came across these very interesting pictures while going through some old papers of my grandmother's recently. My grandmother kept extensive journals and documented nearly everything in her life. In fact, growing up with her I can remember her chronicling almost every detail of my daily life on her calender in a tiny elegant script. When it came to recalling important dates and names (or even not so important ones), she was the one to go to. It was one of the many things that made her so unique and special.

Unfortunately, of all the things she logged in the myriad of journals and calendars she had over her life, these pictures weren't among them. So we are left wondering exactly what was going on in these pictures. It's a wonderfully absurd mystery, and one I thought would be fun to share with my writing friends who enjoy a good prompt now and then.

So here's the prompt...

Write a short story or scene about what you think is going on in these pictures. Try to …

The Sixth Seal

The Sixth Seal - The Protectors Book I Anastasie Eloise Bertrand has spent the better part of fifteen years in a state run mental hospital, convinced that she is the reincarnated protector of an ancient and powerful book. After an unsuccessful escape attempt, she befriends her new psychologist who begins to suspect that Ana is not as crazy as everyone thinks.
Ana is soon torn between the good doctor and escaping the confines of the hospital to seek out the book and discover the truth about her destiny.
But time is quickly running out. A dark and secret society assembles to take control of the great book even as Ana struggles to understand who she is. She must find her fellow protectors and prevent the terrible power of the book from being unleashed upon mankind.

Available online now from these fine retailers:
Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Scribd.
Coming soon to Kobo and Oyster.
Print edition available December 2014.

One of my favorites

"Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s."
-Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Comic spoof

Here's a fun little comic book cover spoof I made for my best buddy, Allyn and his awesome dog Cricket. Al is a super fun party host and somewhere along the line he acquired the nickname of Disco Al.

This is what I do when I should be writing :)

A simple boardcode tutorial

Next, type your subject in the Subject line. For regular lesson posts, use your first name or username followed by the lesson number and word count. For example, if you were posting lesson one in your classroom and you had a total word count of 475, your subject line might be something like F2K_User's Lesson One (WC 475).
Choosing a Topic icon is not necessary, but if you would like to do so, just click the radio button next to the desired picture.

Now you can start typing your post up in the editor. Alternatively, you may copy and paste from a text document directly into the editor. Just be aware that your formatting may be altered. Luckily this forum uses Boardcode so you can add formatting to your posts.
To use Boardcode (also called BBcode) just select the text that you would like to format by left clicking with the mouse at the beginning and then dragging the mouse to the right until the desired text appears highlighted (see example below). While the text is still highlighted, r…

Övrigmark artwork

Check out these fabulous Övrigmark "tarot" cards that the incomparable David Steele created for me. I love the style and attention to detail. These pieces will eventually be a part of the novel version of Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark.

David is a great artist. He's also easy to work with and very responsive. If you're in the market for some artwork, I highly recommend you check out his website...

David Steele Artworks