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Comic spoof

Here's a fun little comic book cover spoof I made for my best buddy, Allyn and his awesome dog Cricket. Al is a super fun party host and somewhere along the line he acquired the nickname of Disco Al.

This is what I do when I should be writing :)

A simple boardcode tutorial

Next, type your subject in the Subject line. For regular lesson posts, use your first name or username followed by the lesson number and word count. For example, if you were posting lesson one in your classroom and you had a total word count of 475, your subject line might be something like F2K_User's Lesson One (WC 475).
Choosing a Topic icon is not necessary, but if you would like to do so, just click the radio button next to the desired picture.

Now you can start typing your post up in the editor. Alternatively, you may copy and paste from a text document directly into the editor. Just be aware that your formatting may be altered. Luckily this forum uses Boardcode so you can add formatting to your posts.
To use Boardcode (also called BBcode) just select the text that you would like to format by left clicking with the mouse at the beginning and then dragging the mouse to the right until the desired text appears highlighted (see example below). While the text is still highlighted, r…

Övrigmark artwork

Check out these fabulous Övrigmark "tarot" cards that the incomparable David Steele created for me. I love the style and attention to detail. These pieces will eventually be a part of the novel version of Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark.

David is a great artist. He's also easy to work with and very responsive. If you're in the market for some artwork, I highly recommend you check out his website...

David Steele Artworks