A simple boardcode tutorial

Starting a new topic

Next, type your subject in the Subject line. For regular lesson posts, use your first name or username followed by the lesson number and word count. For example, if you were posting lesson one in your classroom and you had a total word count of 475, your subject line might be something like F2K_User's Lesson One (WC 475).

Choosing a Topic icon is not necessary, but if you would like to do so, just click the radio button next to the desired picture.

Adding a subject

Now you can start typing your post up in the editor. Alternatively, you may copy and paste from a text document directly into the editor. Just be aware that your formatting may be altered. Luckily this forum uses Boardcode so you can add formatting to your posts.

To use Boardcode (also called BBcode) just select the text that you would like to format by left clicking with the mouse at the beginning and then dragging the mouse to the right until the desired text appears highlighted (see example below). While the text is still highlighted, release the mouse button and move your cursor over the formatting options and choose the one you want. The highlighted example uses the bold format option.

Please be aware that your text will not appear to be formatted until you click the Submit button. Boardcode instead places html-like tags around the text you've chosen. You could also do this manually, but using the editor buttons is much easier.

There are also an array of emoticons or smileys you can insert into your post. Just click an area in the editor so your text cursor appears, then click on the desired emoticon.

Start typing

You can preview your text before posting. That way if something doesn't look right, you can change it before it is ever posted to the forum. Just click the Preview button to see what your post looks like.

Click Preview

Preview the results. Notice that you can now see the formatting. If everything looks good, click the Submit button; otherwise, click the Cancel button and make the desired changes.

If you like it, click Submit.

That's it in a nutshell. Not very advanced, but it should be enough to get you started.


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