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A random story

Here’s a little story I wrote for a writing prompt that I posted to my classroom over at F2K. The prompt was called ten twisted tales. Basically I gave the class ten randomly generated story ideas and let them run with it. The only rule is they had to keep their stories at or below 500 words.
Here was the random story starter I chose… A dictator and a kleptomaniac hippy try to pick up dates at the movies.
And here is the result…
An Unlikely Pair...or Stan and Harry go to the Movies. (WC 500)
An unlikely pair shuffled up to the box office window, a hippy named Harry with a penchant for partaking of things that didn't belong to him, and the former dictator of an ex-Soviet era eastern European country. Harry called him Stan, but his given name was Stanislav Vladimir Yormenensky III. 
Actually, it would be more accurate to say Harry shuffled, while Stan stepped stiffly toward the bored teen behind the counter.
She raised a pierced eyebrow. "Movie?"
Harry stroked his scraggly goatee.…

Interesting, very interesting

My mother came across these very interesting pictures while going through some old papers of my grandmother's recently. My grandmother kept extensive journals and documented nearly everything in her life. In fact, growing up with her I can remember her chronicling almost every detail of my daily life on her calender in a tiny elegant script. When it came to recalling important dates and names (or even not so important ones), she was the one to go to. It was one of the many things that made her so unique and special.

Unfortunately, of all the things she logged in the myriad of journals and calendars she had over her life, these pictures weren't among them. So we are left wondering exactly what was going on in these pictures. It's a wonderfully absurd mystery, and one I thought would be fun to share with my writing friends who enjoy a good prompt now and then.

So here's the prompt...

Write a short story or scene about what you think is going on in these pictures. Try to …