A random story

Here’s a little story I wrote for a writing prompt that I posted to my classroom over at F2K. The prompt was called ten twisted tales. Basically I gave the class ten randomly generated story ideas and let them run with it. The only rule is they had to keep their stories at or below 500 words.

Here was the random story starter I chose…
A dictator and a kleptomaniac hippy try to pick up dates at the movies.

And here is the result…

An Unlikely Pair...or Stan and Harry go to the Movies. (WC 500)

An unlikely pair shuffled up to the box office window, a hippy named Harry with a penchant for partaking of things that didn't belong to him, and the former dictator of an ex-Soviet era eastern European country. Harry called him Stan, but his given name was Stanislav Vladimir Yormenensky III. 

Actually, it would be more accurate to say Harry shuffled, while Stan stepped stiffly toward the bored teen behind the counter.

She raised a pierced eyebrow. "Movie?"

Harry stroked his scraggly goatee. "Like, two for the one about the princess and the frog."

She sighed. "You mean, The Princess and the Frog?"

"Yeah. That's what I said."

She tore two tickets from a reel and pushed them under the glass. "That'll be sixteen-fifty."

Harry took the tickets and jabbed a thumb toward Stan. "He's buying." He walked away before Stan could protest.

Stan pulled out his wallet. "This is being the...what do you call it? The highway robbery."

"Mmhmm." She drummed her fingers on the counter. "Sixteen-fifty."

He pushed the money under the glass, holding onto it for as long as he could.

Stan stepped into the lobby just in time to witness Harry lifting a box of Milk Duds from a little boy's back pocket. A few steps later and his friend picked up a bag of popcorn that some distracted mother had left on the counter.

Stan walked briskly to catch up. "That wasn't very nice."

Harry laughed. "What do you know about nice, man? You used to oppress the masses." He handed him the Milk Duds. "Now chillax. We're here to pick up chicks."

"At Princess and Frog?"

Harry held the door open, ushering him inside. "Chicks dig this stuff, man. Get an aisle seat so we can see the hotties coming in."

Stan selected a row halfway down, moving in one seat to make room for Harry.

"Choice location." Harry pointed to a pair of young women two seats down on the next row.

Stan furrowed his thick brow. "I don't know about this. I'm more of an arranged date sort of guy."

"Don't sweat it. You're in good hands." Harry munched on a handful of popcorn. "Watch and learn." A couple of errant kernels flew from his lips. "Chicks dig--"

Harry dropped the bucket and clawed at his throat. Stan hadn't seen such a lovely shade of purple since his days as an interrogator. Good times, he thought. Good times.

He pulled his friend into the aisle. "Someone help! My friend is chokink!"

One of the women jumped from her seat. "I'm a nurse."

She lifted Harry up, positioning her arms around him.

"What are you doink?"

"The Heimlich maneuver."

Harry gasped and sputtered, sending the dislodged corn spewing forth.

She helped him back to his seat, and bent down to look at him with her big blue eyes. "Are you alright?"

"I am now." He turned to Stan and winked. "See, I told you I was good with chicks."

Stan rolled his eyes.


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