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Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark is coming up on its second anniversary at JukePop Serials. It was accepted for publication at the site on May 14th, 2013. While I’ve had a marvelous time writing the story and sharing it chapter by chapter with readers, I feel it’s time to wrap up the story and bring it to its triumphant conclusion.
The story is up to chapter thirty-six on JukePop, but I’ve written a detailed outline all the way to the end, and chapter thirty-seven is ready to be uploaded. Barring any last minute changes (or uncooperative characters), there will be forty-one chapters in all. My plan is to have the remaining chapters written and uploaded before the anniversary rolls around, with the final chapter going live on the day of the anniversary. I have no desire to stretch out the chapter releases any further to remain eligible for JukePop’s top thirty. As it is, this story has only made it in once, and I’d much rather give my loyal readers the payoff they deserve.
I’m truly appre…