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Some Övrigmark Art

Here's a picture of the castle at Kungensmark that I created using a technique similar to cutting and arranging construction paper to form shapes and objects. It's all digital of course, but it was pretty time, but time consuming.

I think I'm going to try and make a few more that depict major scenes from Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark.

The whole process has inspired me to get back to work on rewriting the serial so that I can turn it into a novel. I have plans for a completely new ending. Actually the last quarter of the story will be almost entirely new.
Anyway, let me know what you think of the castle. I think I'm going to work on a scene featuring Astrid next.


I don't usually like prologues, but I felt I needed a brief one for The Eyes of Arcadia. Here's the first draft...

Earth, the Seventh Colony. Before recorded time.
The silver ship dropped from orbit and descended through the little blue planet’s atmosphere. A sequence of instructions, loaded into the onboard computer centuries before, triggered one after the other in conjunction with live readings from the surface. While the first of the seven inhabitants stirred in her pod at the simulated light of predawn, the computer switched to audible alert mode, speaking her first ethereal words aloud since their departure from Arcadia.
Landing site acquired and locked in. Adjusting thermals. Reverse thrust in three…two…one. Surface oxygen levels in target range, depressurizing cabin, filtering in outside air. 
Lowering landing gear, prepare for touchdown in three…two…one.
The ship set down on a rocky plateau near the tallest peak it could detect on its initial scan of the planet. Levelers …

Reimagined Covers

I've finally gotten back into writing and working on the follow up to The Sixth Seal, tentatively named The Eyes of Arcadia. I decided to reimagine the cover for The Sixth Seal so that all of the covers in the series will have a consistent theme.

I've also decided to pull the print version of the first book for now so that I can reformat the interior and add a new wrap around cover. I'll probably hold off on print versions of the books until I get them all written. The print version of The Sixth Seal wasn't really selling well anyway.

Despite the fact that I absolutely love JukePop Serials and all they've done for me and other fledgling writers, I've decided to ask them to remove the serial version of The Sixth Seal from their site. Unfortunately thats the only way I can enroll the novel version in Amazon's KDP Select and the Kindle Unlimited program. I think that would help to give the book some visibility, and it will really be beneficial when I finish th…