Reimagined Covers

I've finally gotten back into writing and working on the follow up to The Sixth Seal, tentatively named The Eyes of Arcadia. I decided to reimagine the cover for The Sixth Seal so that all of the covers in the series will have a consistent theme.

I've also decided to pull the print version of the first book for now so that I can reformat the interior and add a new wrap around cover. I'll probably hold off on print versions of the books until I get them all written. The print version of The Sixth Seal wasn't really selling well anyway.

Despite the fact that I absolutely love JukePop Serials and all they've done for me and other fledgling writers, I've decided to ask them to remove the serial version of The Sixth Seal from their site. Unfortunately thats the only way I can enroll the novel version in Amazon's KDP Select and the Kindle Unlimited program. I think that would help to give the book some visibility, and it will really be beneficial when I finish the other books in the series.

Anyway, here are my concepts for the reimagined covers. Let me know what you think.


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