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Trapper's Glen

Will he find her in the glen, or will he find something else there, something dark and primal? 
Old man Tallup might know, but he mostly speaks in riddles and myth, not the kind of language that private detective Charlie Marsh is used to.

“How can you be sure what is real and what is not? Are you sure coyote’s don’t talk in the real world?”  The old man took a long, slow drag on his cigarette. “Maybe they’re just silent in your dreams.”
Charlie waved away an errant ring of smoke. “I’m not sure of anything lately.”
“Don’t go tying yourself in knots now, Mr. Marsh. Some say I’m just full of shit.” 
“You wanna hear a story, Charlie?”
“Is it a true story?”
“Some say it is, some don’t.”
“What’s it about?”
“This place. The things that watch us from the edges of the forest.”
“What things?”
The old man ignored his question, blowing a few more smoke rings into the night air. “Some time ago when the stars could still be seen in every direction, and this place wasn’t on a map, a white man came to the glen.…