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Selected Serials Update

I've updated my serial fiction site, Selected Serials, with a brand new look. I was using the free Weebly site builder provided by MacHighway to design the site, but I found it to be very buggy and clunky. Not to mention that it just didn't have all of the features I needed.

Luckily I got an email offer from Rapidweaver with a 40% discount coupon last week, so I went ahead and bought it, and used it to create the new site. I'm pretty impressed with its ease of use and functionality. If you have a Mac and you need to design and publish a website, it's a pretty good option.

Anyway, enough 'Geek Speak', I really just wanted to give an update on the new site. Both serials currently hosted on the site are free to read. Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark is completed, but it takes a while to format the chapters for HTML, so I'll continue to post the remaining chapters over the next few days. Trapper's Glen is a serial in progress, so I'll be posting new chapte…

Trapper's Glen

I've posted the first chapter of Trapper's Glen to Wattpad. You can find it here...

Trapper's Glen 

Here's a map of the town...

Here's an advertisement from the local cafe in Trapper's Glen. The story is set in the 1980s, but most of the town is stuck in the 50s...

I'm also posting the story to my own site, Selected Serials, but the web host is taking a bit longer to post my updates than I'd like, so that's why I decided to post at Wattpad.