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Theme music

I added some theme music to the Trapper's Glen sidebar on my site, Selected Serials. It's a haunting piece by Kevin MacLeod at He makes some great royalty free music that he allows you to use for any purpose as long as you credit him. If you're in need of some great music for a game or any type of interactive media, I highly recommend his stuff.

The piece I chose for Trapper's Glen is titled 'Deep Haze' and I think it captures the mood perfectly. If Trapper's Glen was a television show, this would be the opening music. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

By the way, chapter two of the serial is now live on WattPad and Selected Serials. I don't mind which platform you read it on as it is free on both. WattPad requires you to log in and has a pretty slick interface, but some people don't like to be forced to create a membership to read. I understand entirely. The main benefit to WattPad for me is it offers the opportunity to get the s…