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Print ready files

Since I recently updated the eBook version of The Sixth Seal with a new cover, I decided to do the same for the print version. I had actually removed the print version from Amazon when I uploaded the new eBook cover since it didn't match, and I also wasn't completely happy with the interior formatting. So I think I finally have all of that fixed.

I made some minor changes to a few things inside the book and used a nifty program called Vellum to reformat the interior to make it look more professional. I'll be using this software from now on to create all versions of my books so that they're more consistent in look and feel.

With any luck, in a few days The Sixth Seal will once again be available in print. Let me know what you think of the revised cover.

In the meantime, you can find the eBook at multiple retailers and the AudioBook version on Audible.